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Chayz Lounge


Seating is assigned upon arrival based on the size of parties attending the evening’s performance. Further, our venue has cabaret seating, which means that you and your party may be sharing a table with other guests. If others are joining you under different names, please notify us via text to 803-563-8375. 


SEAT OCCUPANCY: Seat occupancy and the purchase of food and beverage are two of the most essential components for a sustainable business. Therefore, if seats are purchased, which limits attendance, (i.e., a party of 2 purchases all seats at a table for 4), you will be charged an extra fee of $40 for each vacant seat. This helps to compensate for our overhead costs when there are fewer diners at our tables. 

GROUP SEATING: We welcome small groups to spend an evening at our establishment enjoying a show while celebrating a special occasion. However, please note that our room is arranged with tables that seat 2, 4, and limited tables that seat 6 people. Due to the intimate setting of our establishment, we cannot accommodate groups larger than 6 at the same table. Additionally, we cannot combine tables to accommodate large groups. If your party exceeds 6 people, please inform us by TEXT to 803-563-8375 so we can arrange to have your party seated close together. Additionally, balloons or other types of decor are not permitted when attending a public performance. 


DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: Please be mindful of the fact that the room is not exclusive to your group. We ask that all guests be respectful of other guests and refrain from any activities that may be considered disruptive or disturbing


Once the performance begins, guests are required to keep their conversations to a reasonable, private volume so as to not negatively impact others in the room and to be respectful to the artists, and performance in general. Any excessive noise, volume of conversation, use of offensive language, or distractions by guests will be respectfully addressed by management. We reserve the right to deny entry or expel any guest who is deemed to be disruptive or in violation of our policies.

ACCESSIBLE SEATING: Chayz Lounge takes pride in its efforts to meet the needs of all patrons. Handicap accessible seating for patrons and their party, as well as patrons with service animals, is available. If special accommodations are required, please notify the venue via at the time of ticket purchase.

LATE ARRIVAL: Our shows will begin promptly at the scheduled start time. Seats not claimed by the start of the show will be forfeited. If you are running late, TEXT (803) 563-8375 so we can arrange to hold your seat(s). Tickets are nonrefundable; therefore refunds will not be issued for late arrivals.

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