Beer List

The selection listed are priced at $5.  Join us for Happy Hour Thurs. 6pm-7pm, Fri. & Sat. 7pm-8pm. 

Bud Light

A light-bodied beer with a fresh, delicate malt sweetness and a crisp finish.

Corona Extra

Lighter than traditional beers, with a crisp and refreshing taste.


A full-bodied premium lager with a clean finish for a refreshing taste. 

Michelob ULTRA

The superior light beer with no artificial colors or flavors. Enjoy the crisp, clean taste.

Miller Lite

The original light beer with a deep flavor, yet delicately balanced. Miller Lite is a great pilsner.


"The Original Mexican Sunshine Beer” with a fresh malty, fruity-lemony flavor and quenching dry finish.

Stella Artois

A classic Belgian lager with a well-balanced fruity, malty sweetness. All-natural ingredients give Stella Artois a crisp palate.

Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale

A lighter-bodied West Coast style pale ale with grapefruit notes, flourishes of mangoes, passion fruit and Clementine oranges.



An iconic American lager brewed with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness.





No returns or exchanges.  Please drink responsibly.

A minimum $10 food and/or drink purchase per person, per show is required. A $10 charge will be applied when no purchase has been made. 15% Gratuity is added to each bill.


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